Research Associates

Research Associate

Gemma Dalton is originally from a small town in rural Ireland, receiving her BSc from Queen’s University of Belfast, MSc from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and PhD from the University of Sussex. She works as a research associate with Dr. Anthony Phillips and has been working on a number of collaborative projects with the Floresco lab. Gemma has been here so much that the lab has graciously given her an office and most members of the lab actually think she is in the Floresco lab full time. Her work uses cognitive assays developed in the Floresco Lab to investigate the potential antipsychotic efficacy of some novel compounds that may change neuroscience as we know it. She is super happily married to an awesome guy who hails from Vancouver. Together they have a 5 year old daughter who has inherited every bit of her father’s unreserved sociability and tenacity.